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Professional Services offered by Success Publications

We have expanded the professional services offered to our authors.
We can help with the following.

  • Coaching/consulting
  • Proof reading
  • Editing
  • Layout and Formatting
  • Cover Design
  • Kindle, CreateSpace, Amazon, and Smashwords submissions
  • Distribution
  • Promotion

Call us at 1:888-848-8407 Toll Free (North America) or emails us at: to enquire how we can help you in your quest to publish your book.


Here are areas where we can play a part in helping you with your authorship and publishing project

  1. Selecting the best topic or theme to write about for a book. What do you ‘actually’ know and love?

  2. Creating an ‘effective’ title and tag line. Taglines are sometimes even more important than a title.

  3. Getting the help you ‘need’ to bring your book into reality: editors, graphic artists, etc.

  4. What to say about yourself – effective author bio’s: Strategic sizzle sells.

  5. Getting forewords, endorsements, reviews, testimonials and why you need them.

  6. Marketing your book on the net: choosing keywords that help you get noticed. Getting your friends to help create excitement and buzz. Returning the favour!

  7. Starting with the creative add-on business/product spin off’s in mind – think in advance about other products that can be built around or from your book.

  8. Why you should consider doing both kindle and smashwords versions 'as well as' a print version.

  9. Launching successfully – tips and techniques, and detours. (leverage our experience and expertise)

  10. How to run a best seller campaign – with a little help from your friends.

Proof reading

This is a critical piece in your publication. You can either enhance or detract from your brilliance based on the words and grammerical structure you use. We can ensure you publication has the most common mistakes eliminated so you put your best self forth in pixels and print. See Proof reading marks (pdf)


This is where the real work begins. As Bob says, "Writing is easy: Capture the thoughts, make the connections. The rest is editing." This is where the re-writing magic happens to tighten up your thoughts, refocus and clarify your ideas, and make sure it has a logical flow for the reader. See Editing services are a foundation for successful publications by Irene Gaudet (pdf)

Layout and Formatting

This is where your book takes shape as we sculpt it for easy reading. This where it gets formatted for uploading to print and/or epub or kindle versions. What is the proper length for an e-book by Nina Amir (pdf)

Cover Design

Creating a eye catching cover is a crucial part of your publishing process. This where you design a cover that catches the reader's eye and entices them to pick up or order your book. We can help you with this part of the process and recommend designers as needed to bring it to life.

Kindle, CreateSpace, Amazon, and Smashwords submissions

We have lots of experience in each of these avenues. We can help you submit your new baby to all of these book sites.


In addition to Kindle, Create Space, and Amazon around the globe, you can get your book listed with on-line companies such as Barnes and Noble, itunes and others. Ask us to help you handle this or walk you through it.


Once you've published, then what? Creating buzz, maybe a best seller campaign, and generally getting the word out is important to making your work worthwhile.

Contact Us:

Success Publications, a division of Creativity Corner Inc.
#10 Creativity Corner
Egremont, AB T0A 0Z0
(780) 736-0009
(780) 736-3877 Fax

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