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Welcome to Success Publications Store

Welcome to our Success Publications Store where we feature publications from our group of authors. In addition to having their books and epublications available on-line with retailers such as Amazon, Barns and Noble, iTunes, we will have each of their books and a brief description listed here.

Greg Gazin

Corey is a happy young boy who loves to play and enjoy life. He can talk to his teachers and his friends, but when it comes to speaking in front of a group of people, like ‘Show and Share’ or ‘Show and Tell’ at school, he’s scared. His tummy hurts and he gets butterflies in his stomach. He’s afraid the kids will laugh and make fun of him, like last time. Little does he know, that today that will change. He will make a new friend who will help him discover his confidence and show him, with a little system that any child can easily learn, how to tell a story and overcome his fear so he can deliver his presentation and outsmart those butterflies. The fear of public speaking is one of the top fears in the world. In fact Jerry Seinfeld once said that people fear pubic speaking more than death and so the man delivering the eulogy would rather be in the coffin. For children, not having the ability to communicate with confidence in front of others can greatly hinder their ability to succeed in the future. In a fun and entertaining and storytelling style, this book can show children of all ages a way that might help them alleviate those butterflies in their stomach, overcome that fear of ridicule earlier in the life which might just help them go a long way.

Alexis Leclair

In retirement, did you expect to be asking “What’s missing?” Retirement has always been a huge life change. Although we still call it by the same name, today’s retirement is different. It’s longer. It’s healthier. Options are diverse. Our needs and expectations may not be the same as generations before us.

For some of us, a time in retirement may come – earlier or later – when all the activities that fill our time are simply not enough. Not enough to be satisfying. Not enough to be meaningful. We search for more. We search for what’s missing.

This book tries to make sense of how that particular time feels and how to handle it. With this understanding, we may be able to answer the question “What’s missing?” and then move on to find what’s next: our retirement groove.

Val Mohr


Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

Leadership and Business Success series

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Prepare Yourself to WIN!

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Check back as we add additional publications. We will also be doing individual pages on each one with more information as well as links to order.


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